Hunger in Venezuela
 In this 17 March 2015, a little girl receives a blessing on the doorstep of Expedita's house, a folk healer who treats dozens of families each day, near Exù, Brazil. 
Her services are free and she is deeply respected by the locals.

Sertao, one of the poorest areas in all of South America located in the semi-arid Northeast Brazil, is now experiencing the worst drought of the last 50 years.       (Posto da Serra, vicino Exù, al confine con Cearà)    Expedita, rezadeira de criança" (children's healer)  is blessing a baby girl in front of his blue house in the middle of Sertao. She treated thousand of childrens with small problems for free, becoming strongly respected by the locals.                                      ((((EXU POSTO DA SERRA - Pernambuco border with Cearà.)))
 A little girl swim in Copacabana.
 Rehearsal before "Na Batalha" show in Joao Caetano theatre (Rio de Janeiro), a rare opportunity for interaction between the culture of the favela and the middle class Brazilian who rushes to discover this new dance.