Alessandro Falco, 1986, Italy, is a documentary photographer whose research focuses primarily on the evolution of modern societies through the documentation of youth cultures.

He started with fine-art photography in 2012, shortly after being graduated as Tropical Fish Pathologist.

Since 2014, Falco is mentored by the acclaimed war photographer Fabio Bucciarelli, starting a documentation of humanitarian crisis in Brazil, Venezuela, Greece and Central Europe.

His reportages have been published by international media including CNN, National Geographic Italy, GQ, Al Jazeera, Newsweek JP, Bloomberg, Vice News, Liberation, Il Reportage, Sport Week among others.

His photographs have been exhibited in galleries and contemporary museums in US, Italy, France, UK, Holland, Croatia, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia,  China.

In 2016, his documentation of a severe drought in Brazilian North-East was exhibited by United Nations at the 1st World Humanitarian Summit, in Istanbul.

In 2018 he moved to Brazilian Amazon, starting a personal documentation of social and environmental issues affecting Amazon Rainforest.

Falco is actually based in Belem do Pará, Brazilian Amazon. 

Curriculum Vitae 2019

email: falcoalessandro@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +55 91 992703356

Skype: www.alessandrofalco.com